Durgapur Branch of EIRC-ICAI

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
(A Statutory body established under an act of Parliament)

Our Story

It was in the year 1990 month July that, the Durgapur Branch of Eastern India Regional Council of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) was conceptualized and constituted by our visionary leader CA D.K. De Sarkar, the then Chairman of the Branch, CA B.B.Sahu, and CA S.K.Choudhury. Due to their initiative, endeavor and prospicience the formation of branch actually saw the light of the day. One of the milestones achieved under their grandeur leadership was the acquisition of land for the branch i.e. in the year 1993 and the construction of the branch building. The ground floor of the branch was constructed in the year 1995 for which the land was provided by Durgapur Steel Plant unit of Steel Authority of India Limited. Sri. Y.P.Sharma, the then Managing Director of Durgapur Steel Plant in presence of CA T.S.Vishwanath, the then Vice President of ICAI inaugurated the ground floor of the building on 27th day of August, 1995.
The managing committee and the eminent members of the Durgapur branch so far have contributed and consecrated a lot for taking forward the various branch activities and are affirmed to carry on the momentum and great work in future as well. Subsequently, the Branch has been awarded as the Second Best Branch of The Eastern India Regional Council in the year 2005-06 under the skilled leadership of CA Manoj Kumar Agarwal, the then Chairman. Again in the year 2011-12, under the accomplished Chairmanship of CA Sumit Sarkar, the branch got the opportunity to get itself well equipped with the state of the art infrastructure facility under the distinguished guidance of our elected Central Council members CA Subodh Kumar Agrawal, CA Sumantra Guha & CA Abhijit Bandyopadhyay and the members of Eastern India Regional Council CA Prasun Kumar Bhattacharya, Chairman EIRC. Due to their initiative, co-operation and relentless efforts and also the continuous liasioning and persuasion of the chairman and branch committee members, the branch has received the approval for construction of the first floor with the extension of the ground floor in full. The construction and synthesis works of the building was started in the month of September 2011 and the same was successfully completed by May 2012.
The First floor of our branch was inaugurated on 28th day of May 2012 by our Honorable President CA Jaydeep Narendra Shah in presence of our Honorable Vice President CA Subodh Kumar Agrawal along with Central Council members CA Sumantra Guha & CA Abhijit Bandyopadhyay, Eastern India Regional Council Chairman CA Prasun Kumar Bhattacharya , Vice Chairman Ranjeet Agarwal, Branch Managing committee Chairman CA Vikash Jain, Vice Chairman CA Amit Kumar Ram, Secretary CA Manoj Sharma, Treasurer CA Santosh Gupta , Immediate Past Chairman CA Sumit Sarkar and the members of Durgapur branch. We the members of the Durgapur branch have pledged to put the best of our efforts at all time to assist and build the institute for maintaining the integrity and discipline with all possible might and demeanor.
Listed below are the quintessential and focused areas where we all have to synergize, contribute and corroborate in near future:
Ultra coaching facility for the student of CPT/IPCC/FINAL. ITT / Orientation Programme / GMCS classes for the students. Sophisticated E-Library facility for students and members.